Transformer Nostalgia.

Apr 14

sutransform2, originally uploaded by Jrchiou.

Classic Transformer Nostalgia. Well, with easter coming up its once again time for children to dive into the backyards of their parents on sundaymorning. There they can look for hidden chocolate eggs and stuff their belly's like there is no tomorrow. The will be walking around with a Joker-like smile for days as the brows streaks of chocolate enhance their pale freshly stuffed faces. Right up to the point where they puke their sorry little brains out only to vow crying that they will NEVER EVER touch the brown stuff again. Well.. Thats was how it used to go in my days. We would get tons of candy and ONE toy. Everything would be hidden in the garden and the toy was mostly the hardest to find. So easter sunday 1985 I got my first Transformer Robot. The evil beetle 'Shrapnell' Decipticon Insecticon and general bad ass. He was the first of a rather large collection of transformers I aquired over the next twenty-so years. I don't know why but occasionaly I jump into the toystore to take a look at the Transformers on display there (only to leave disappointed because its no longer what it is used to be). Whenever I get to a Junkett I scan the blankets for old worn down Transformers. "1st Gen" or "vintage" models as the ones I look for are called today. Don't know why realy .. I mean they are cool but they also represent a peace of childhood to me. And when every once-in-a blue moon I stumble upon that one played-down little peace of forgotten times.. I think of how times change us .. They transform us from kid to adult. But unlike the Transformers.. We cannot transform back.

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Take a Sneek peak with Google Earth.

Apr 12

Rijkhoven, originally uploaded by Knightwise.

In the picture : My home town of Rijkhoven.

Time to use a satelite ! Its been around for quite some time now, but it had kind of past me by. Looking at satellite images from the grand canyon was not high on my interest list. But seeing a demo of the application in a computer store did spike my interest. Google earth offers you great satellite images of places all over the world. Nice .. cool .. interesting and even a little addictive. But here at we don't care for technology because its technology. It has to work for us. So time to put Google earth to work. One of the great things about Google maps and Google earth is that you have a geographical overview of the entire globe. While Google Maps offers the layouts of the streets, Google earth offers you an Arial picture of the area. Combining these two does give you some interesting options.Time to “hack-the-teck”
For example : You are going to a concert. With Google maps you can find a layout of the roads and even request an how-to-drive-there description to get from where you are to where you are supposed to go. So you head up there and just like everybody else , get caught in the traffic jam towards the concert hall, once you drive in through the entrance of the parking lot you wait in line some more . Then hope there is parking space and so forth.

BUT one of the things you can do with Google EARTH is lookup the satellite shot of the area and scan for shortcuts. Perhaps there is an adjacent parking lot somewhere nearby, or a place where you can ditch the car , take a shortcut and be the first in line at the autograph line. Or a little dirt road that’s not on your gps , perhaps even a service road you can use to make a shortcut. Using the visual (satellite) shot of the area gives you extra information that can give you the edge over the dumb masses that just use their gps.

And then some…

If you want to take a peek at some cool Google-Earth shots of my hometown, The castle of Alden Biesen and more .. just take a peek at the Flickr site and since we are on the subject : Sign our FRAPPR map at so I know where you guys are from.

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The new Macbook on the way ?

Apr 11

Macbook on the way. As the hammering is continuing today while work on the website continues I'm starting to realise this might just (hopefully) be one of my last posts in this current layout. The last post .. get it .. (Queue trumpet).

But no matter, just let us take a quick look at everyday affairs. “out with the mini .. in with the… erm..”I sold one of my two mac mini's last week because I wanted to get me one of those intell macs. Since the Intell Mac mini was released a month ago it was time to upgrade one of the two 'mini-twins' Completely unlike me , instead of ordering the new before having properly sold the old, i decided to wait 'till April first when Apple would be 30. Thinking they would come up with some great promotion or even the release of a new product .. I waited .. and waited .. and .. Nothing. Without even a sigh the 30th birthday passed on the Apple site. No discounts , no new products and 600 euros itching in my pocket for a new mac. So I looked around the second hand market and found some pretty cool deals around. An Imac G5 17" , a 20" Imac , perhaps even a powerbook. Some interesting deals out there (even a lampshade-Model G4) but I decided to bite my lip and bide my time. This week wrote a tasty article about an upcoming new I-book : And I quote : "The upcoming MacBook is said to share internal components with the recently released Mac mini which comes in both Core Solo and Core Duo configurations. The new MacBook will therefore replace both the current 12" and 14" iBooks as well as the 12" PowerBook G4"

I must say .. for this I can have 30 to 60 days of patience. A new Intell based mac-laptop that thanks to Bootcamp can dual-boot windows. I'll buy that for a dollar. Looking at the fun I had with my 12" Ibook (and the snarl on Nyana's face whenever I try to take it away from her) this is definitely on of the best hardware investments I made the last 2 years.

But knowing how happy I am looking forward to what is to come.. I will probably be equally disappointed with the price as Mac hardware can be so damn damn expensive.. but its probably worth it.

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The Knightcast episode 25 : Peer to peer networking.

Apr 10


Podcast : The Knightcast : Episode 25 ' The guide to peer to peer networking'

Direct link to the show


As we are still finishing up on the new website that is becoming quite a handfull we could not let you wait any longer for episode 25. A full fledged in dept podcast about peer-to-peer downloading. What are the pro's what are the cons. Tips and tricks on finding alternative content on line or finding just what you need in a safe an reliable way. With great music by independant artists like Chillerstadt and Amb 26.


For more visit or look for 'the Knightcast' in the itunes podcast directory.

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The Knightcast Episode Infinity: service announcement !

Apr 06

The Knightcast Episode Infinity: service announcement !

Direct link to the show.


Are we dead ? Are we alive ? Have we been kidnapped by Aliens and implanted with an anal probe the size of a chandelier ? No no .. We will be back ! Monday to be exact. As construction on the Knightwise website and the Knightcast podcast goes on beyond the first date we set (april first) we do not despair. Just to let you know we are still alive : This little 'service announcement' to give you a heads up. Music by Jonathan Coulton and a preview of the new Knightcast Tune.

Music : Jonathan Coulton : Skullcrusher mountain. 


For more information surft to or subscibe by searching for the Knightcast in Itunes. 

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